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These downloads are provided free of charge. You expressly acknowledge and agree that use of the Scripts is at your sole risk. The Scripts are provided “AS IS” and are without warranty of any kind.

Sample script on the right as a script editor document.

Convert everything that IsoDraw can read to an IsoDraw file (source code).

Convert everything that IsoDraw can read to an IsoDraw file (assembled).

Using the automated in IsoDraw via scripts can save considerable of production time. Listed below is a sample export Applescript which can be modified to use any of the built-in functions available to IsoDraw scripters.

-- Handler: DoWithFile
-- Argument: a file specifier
-- Action: Change the lines to the action you want to perform
on DoWithFile(thisDir, thisFile)
tell application "IsoDraw 4.03" -- call IsoDraw (edit the name for your version of IsoDraw)

-- Insert your commands after this line

open file (thisDir & thisFile)

-- The extension (in this case ".dxf") can be anything - logically the file you're creating

-- The scaling factor (in this case scaling 50) is optional

-- What as (in this case DXF) must be the format you require - see below for possible formats

save front window in file (thisDir & thisFile & ".dxf") scaling 50 as DXF
close front window saving no

end tell
end DoWithFile

-- Handler: DoWithFolder
-- Argument: a folder specifier
-- Action: Creates a file list of folder f and loops over these files.
-- if the file is a folder, DoWithFolder is called for this folder
-- if the file is an IsoDraw file, DoWithFile is called for this file
on DoWithFolder(f)
set filelist to list folder f without invisibles -- create file list
set dir to (f as text) -- create path as text
repeat with x in filelist -- for every file
set thisInfo to info for file (dir & x) -- get finder info of this file
if thisInfo is folder then

DoWithFolder((dir & x) as alias) -- it's a folder, start recursive call
if (file creator of thisInfo is equal to "ISO1" and file type of thisInfo is equal to "ISOF") then
DoWithFile(dir, x) -- it's an IsoDraw file, do something with it
end if
end if
end repeat
end DoWithFolder

-- Handler: Main entry point
-- Argument: -
-- Action: Asks for a folder to be processed and prepares everything for the loops.
on run
-- get a folder from the user
set thisFolder to choose folder with prompt "Select the folder you wish to process:"
tell application "IsoDraw 4.03" -- start up IsoDraw
activate -- bring it to front
repeat while front window exists -- close all windows
close front window saving no -- without saving them
end repeat
disallow redraw -- stop redrawing while script is running
disallow user interaction -- stop interaction while script is running
end tell
DoWithFolder(thisFolder) -- start processing this folder
tell application "IsoDraw 4.03"
allow user interaction -- enable user interaction
allow redraw -- enable redrawing
end tell
beep -- tell us if you are ready
end run

Save as options

/HPGL/CGM/PICT/TIFF/Text_Excerpt/Interleaf/MIF] -- the file type of the document in which to save the data

Class export options: options for file export
class type class [r/o] -- the class
EPS Preview no EPS preview/Macintosh preview -- EPS: create preview for EPS file
EPS include boolean -- EPS: include placed EPS files
IGES Standard IGES CALS Class_1/IGES CALS Class_2/IGES VDAIS -- IGES: Set standard for IGES export
DXF_3D Ellipses boolean -- DXF: export ellipses as 3D poly lines
DXF_3D Beziers boolean -- DXF: export bezier curves as 3D poly lines
HPGL P1_X small real -- HPGL: P1 X Coordinate
HPGL P1_Y small real -- HPGL: P1 Y Coordinate
HPGL Sort Pens boolean -- HPGL: sort pens
CGM Profile ISO_8632/CALS profile/J2008 profile/ATA profile -- CGM: profile for export
CGM Version small integer -- CGM: version according to ISO 8632
CGM Encoding binary_encoding/text_encoding/character_encoding -- CGM: encoding of file
CGM VDC type integer_type/float_type -- CGM: type for VDC coordinates
CGM Compression CGM_uncompressed/CGM_RLE/CGM_T4_compression/CGM_T6_compression -- CGM: compression for cell arrays or tiled raster arrays
TIFF Resolution small real -- TIFF: resolution in dpi
TIFF Border small real -- TIFF: border for file
TIFF Kind lineart/grayscale/Color_8Bit/Color_16Bit/Color_32Bit -- TIFF: image kind
TIFF Compression uncompressed/PackBits/T4_compression/T6_compression/LZW/LZW2 -- TIFF: image compression
TIFF Intel Order boolean -- TIFF: byte order for Intel machines
TIFF Page full page/extent -- TIFF: page size
Interleaf styles boolean -- Interleaf: use Interleaf styles for export


You can base decisions on filenames or certain elements in files or any identifiable element. There are also many more scripting possibilities other than just exporting files. If you want help with a particular function then please contact us.

General help with AppleScript can be found at: http://developer.apple.com/applescript/


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