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We are a small agency based near Plymouth in the UK, specialising in technical media. That is, images, animations, graphics, illustrations, dtp and web layouts, focused on technical content.

Because of our wide experience over the last two decades in the civilian and military worlds, we are able to bring new perspectives and working practices to your project.

We would be happy to come to see you and discuss any projects you may have.

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Some of our clients:
NGM Training








Members of the Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators.

All prices quoted exclude VAT and delivery (if applicable) and are subject to change. Please call us for the latest information.

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Our new contact details are:

3 Pendrim Park
PL13 1HQ

Tel: 07927178321
Fax: (01733) 727024

More for Less
Technical Illustration
Even in today's electronic world, if you need your illustrations to tell a thousand words you need people more than ever. People who have the experience and vision to bring your projects to life.

By combining 3D Models, CAD, photos, video or even sketches we produce illustrations that slot seamlessly into your publishing systems and styles.

With over two decades of technical publications experience in the UK and Germany, using industry standard software such as IsoDraw, Adobe Illustrator and many more, we can merge into your chosen method of graphics production or suggest new ways of working to help you maintain quality while controlling costs. We can also automate your IsoDraw workflow using custion scripts. Sample scripts are available here.

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more that DTP
desktop publishing We're not just experienced with all the major DTP software programs like Adobe FrameMaker, Quark Xpress, Adobe PageMaker and MS Word. We've also had to use some lesser-known programs and transfer information from one to the other.

Depending on the requirement, you can re-layout from scratch or have custom software written to convert between different software. Normally, the reality lies somewhere between these two extremes. Using our ability to automate processes and our knowledge of a wide range of software we can usually find a solution that is both efficient and cost effective.

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