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It's always nice to receive praise.."This is really the best technical guide I have seen for a product.... this is also the feedback of my customers."

We always like to receive praise for our efforts. See for yourself why he was so pleased. Click on the link below.

Download the technical guide - designed to be run from Drive D on a PC.

Just about everyone has used Microsoft PowerPoint at sometime or other. If you've ever tried to add interesting animations or create an eye catching layout, you'll know how challenging it can be.

We have put together some samples of our work, some of which is available below.

Download the technical guide - designed to be run from Drive D on a PC.

Light-hearted Product Range Presentation - designed to be run from Drive D on a PC.

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Using cutting edge multimedia software and traditional static media creative software, we can mix and match combining rich media into presentation software such as Microsoft PowerPoint and Word. We can also combine 3D models and video into powerful multimedia presentations using Macromedia Director and Flash.

We're have considerable experience in the creation of layouts and presentations in PowerPoint. We have found that the inclusion of graphics and moving media can considerably increase the power of your presentation and the ability to distribute your presentation later on a CD or via the web
increases the chances of a sale.

See the side bar for samples of our work.

A full product range with technical specifications, internet links, video and contact addresses. With over 200 products you'd expect to need a full size CD. We managed to get it in at under 50MB. Made entirely with Macromedia Director it can be converted for use on the internet or for the Macintosh with little or no effort.

Click here to download a PC exe version.

Don't forget, we also offer standard size, low volume CD duplication from as little as £1 each.

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